International Angelman Day & Launch

Today is International Angelman Day!  Since Maeve’s diagnosis of Angelman syndrome in August ‘19, we have done a lot of listening, reading, researching, and general “soaking” in this new-to-us rare disease world.  We’ve met (in person and virtually) a slew of remarkable families who have angels of their own, and we’ve been inspired by their tireless passion for making the lives of individuals with AS better in whatever way they can.  We’ve felt impressed on our hearts the beauty and preciousness of these angels and those with special needs of all kinds, and we see the Lord displaying His awesome works in and through their lives.  

If you’d like to make an impact on the AS community by funding more research for meaningful therapeutics (and a cure?!??!!) you can DONATE to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics HERE on Maeve’s behalf!  Thank you for loving her and our family in this way.  https://can2020.everydayhero.com/us/mae-bae-fan-club

Nathan and I wanted to do something special for FAST and for a couple other organizations that are near and dear to us, so we decided to open up a little online shop for some unique apparel inspired by these special kids and families.  With every purchase, a donation will be made to FAST, Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF), or Reagan’s Journey.  We hope you proudly wear your “Mae Bae Fan Club” gear and treasure how immeasurably valuable every person is, not because of their accomplishments, but because they’re made in the image of God- imago dei.  Check it out! 

www.maebaefanclub.com @maebaefanclub Facebook.com/maebaefanclub 

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